• “I just received my photos …OMG I love them!! they’re amazing thank you so much!!”. Kail
  • “You have a great eye for depth and have great creative maternity ideas.”, Anya
  • “You’re as amazing photographer!!!  This maternity photograph looks great!”,  Natalie
  • “Absolutely beautiful tasteful glamour photography!” Nicole
  • “I like… expression, lighting, framing, props…you did an excellent job!” Brigitte
  • “LOVE the angle and composition on this intimate photo…. am going to have to try it in my studio”, Pepi
  • “Very creative shoot. nice job!”, Haute
  • “This photo is drop dead gorgeous!!! Amazing, amazing work!” Andrea
  • “I learned so much and had a great time.”, Mel
  • “I had so much fun with you… you are great photographer.”, Mejal
  • “Clearly one of the most creative and interesting shots”, Avee
  • “Beautiful lighting and composition.”, Steel
  • “Their attention to detail was superb”, Ron
  • “I freaking love this photo, from the well positioned hands/feet to the close/tight grasp on the fetal hug that makes her so vulnerable – great composition, great lighting..this is an immaculate photo – your ego MUST be swelling (as rightfully so) you’ve got mad skills…” Sunshine
  • “What a highly creative image…totally attractive and so very nicely done!”  TMA

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