Boudoir Fantasy

Boudoir photography is a great way to play out some fantasies. Everyone has some sexy fantasies, most of a wide variety. With a little planning you can fulfill a fantasy or three during your boudoir photo session. You may even create a new one. Let’s talk about some of the classics to get you started.

Very popular is the naughty schoolgirl. Outfits include a short, typically red plaid skirt, a white halter top or shirt tied to a halter, and a variety of shoes. Props include books, pens, rulers, suckers and glasses. Movies such as “House Bunny” have kept this one popular. The flipside is naughty teacher.

Cheerleader is another classic with the obvious outfit. Props are of course pompoms. Often the pompoms are all that’s needed to create the fantasy photographs.

The naughty nurse fantasy is also popular with a lot of men. Outfits can be scrubs, a classic white nurse’s dress with stockings or a white lab coat. Props include stethoscopes, thermometers, tongue depressors, and bandages.

Then there is the bad and sexy secretary who just can’t seem to type. Short skirts and tops with button fronts are typically all that’s needed.

How about cooking in the nude wearing just an apron – watch out for the bacon grease. This of course leads to the maid who cleans more than houses. Both are common ideas that seem to run through a man’s mind.

Of course the movie classic, wearing nothing but an overcoat to meet him. It’s simple to create a wide variety of photographs with just an overcoat.

Of course if he is a fan of Mardi Gras, plenty of beads and a “flasher” top is all you need. Or add a feathered mask to go from Bourbon Street to the boudoir. Both are a fun way to bring create a mood.

Librarians, biker gals, ski bunnies, sports illustrated bikini model, Victoria’s Secret Angels, TV characters, hookers, massage therapist, nudist, delivery girl, mechanic, cowgirl, military, cigars, police, fire, construction worker, hitchhiker the list goes on and on. The only limits are your imagination. Think about what interests he has, and bet you can find a fantasy that fits it.

And of course you can use the session to show some of your fantasies too.