Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive.  If you don’t find the answer here, just call us 602.432.1541How should I prepare for my boudoir session?

When you schedule your appointment we will consult with you about your photo shoot and discuss everything you need to know to make your session perfect.

Is retouching included?

Retouching is part of every package but one (the cd only package).  Proper lighting a posing are the first part of a great photograph. The rest is finalized with retouching to enhance the image.  Of course we will never do more than you want.

I’m not a 20 year old supermodel, will I still look good?

A good boudoir photographer will make you look very sexy and desirable. He knows just how to pose and light you to accent your beauty. Most of the women I shoot for boudoir are everyday women you might pass in the mall, in their 30’s and 40’s with a few kids. They often come into the shoot worried about how they compare, and leave knowing that real women are beautiful and sexy. I often hear from my clients, “It’s amazing what you do with lights and posing, even without retouching I look so good.”

Can I get both black & white and color photos from the same session?

Yes you can.  All photos taken during the session are available in both color and B&W.  On request we can provide proofs in both formats.

Will my photos be public?

Privacy is very important to our boudoir and pin-up clients, which is why we take care to keep your photos controlled. They are never shown or placed on our web site without your written permission.

I want to pose with my lover, is that still boudoir?

Yes, it can still be boudoir.  Careful posing by your photographer needs to be followed to keep the intimate photographs sexy, tasteful and sensual and not adult entertainment. Showing the love and passion that a couple shares between themselves can create some beautiful images.

Do you do more than just prints?

We provide prints, digital images and custom memory books to allow you to preserve this time the way that fits your lifestyle. When you come to your session we will have samples for you to view.

How long do you keep my photos?

We keep your photos available for one full year.  Often after receiving the initial photos, the man in your life will want some more.  Often it is a large print for a bedroom.

Do you have specials for bachelorette parties?

Yes we have lots of fun options for a bachelorette party.  Boudoir and pin-up are fun sexy ways to create some memories for the new bride.  Everyone gets in on the fun.

Getting Ready

  • Cut out any magazine  pages that show the overall desired look. Your photographer will have a better understanding of what it is your are looking for.
  • Go thru our blog, you will find a lot of great ideas in there
  • Silly as it feels, in the mirror study your body and it’s curves when standing or lying in different positions. Practice your expressions as well.
  • Start pampering yourself by getting a manicure and pedicure. That polished look will enhance your final images.
  • If you normally wax or shave I recommend doing so the day before to avoid any irritation marks for your shoot.
  • It is always best to moisturize your skin before your shoot. Use your everyday lotion to avoid a skin reaction that would show up in your photos.
  • Wear non-restrictive clothing for an hour or two before your shoot.  Undergarments or tight clothing (even socks and sunglasses) tend to leave marks on the skin.

What to Wear

  • Cute and fun undies.
  • Does he have a favorite sports team?  If so a jersey from the team is always fun.
  • Lingerie, corsets, stockings, garters, etc.
  • Swimwear, jeans, skirts can all be very useful.
  • Robes and long jackets.
  • Heels are always a winner.
  • Costumes can be fun.  See Fantasy Ideas
  • Shear and thin tops and dresses.   Maybe a wet t-shirt if that’s your style.
  • Anything that you feel sexy wearing.