Sultry Shading

Sometimes keeping things simple is better. When it comes to your Boudoir photo shoot, simple is not only better sometimes, but incredibly sexy! This darker background shot uses shadows and creative lighting to highlight the beauty and sexiness of this radiant woman. She is still slightly covered, but leaves the viewer wanting more…which is definitely the point, especially if you’ll be sharing these photos with a significant other.

Sexy Double View…

Double the fun, double the sexy! This creative boudoir shot shows off both sexy sides of our beautiful client. Simple, sexy lingerie can create a sexy look in any type of shot in any setting. Here we use a shower and mirror setting to capture this creative full body look from two images. Do something that scares you and embrace your sexy inner and outer self and treat yourself to a sexy, fun boudoir photo shoot!

Fall In Love…

Autumn is here and cuddling and fun times are ahead!  A fun and playful option to choose when planning your Boudoir Photo Shoot is to include that special someone in your life into some of your shots. Not only will you have some beautiful and sexy photos of you two that will last a lifetime, but you will definitely have a fun time during the shoot being playful and sexy together. It is a bonding experience for the both of you and will be an incredibly fun time that you wont forget!

Boudoir Couple in Bed in Phoenix

Classy & Radiant…

Shooting sexy boudoir photos doesn’t mean you have to show everything. Implied nudity is not only sexy, but draws the viewer in and not wanting to look away! This sexy nude shot is not only stunning, but actually isn’t showing as much as you think it is at first glance. Our model is nude, but is posed in such a way that she’s covered up while making a bold statement. The photo reveals a sense of strength and confidence that is so sexy and leaves the viewer wanting more!

Julia Rose redhead on blue sheet sexy by Phoenix boudoir photographer Orcatek

Dramatically Sexy

This sexy boudoir shot focuses on our beautiful model and her ability to lure and invite the viewer in. Whether it’s black and white fine art or color, she is able to draw you in with her beauty and sexiness. These inviting photos are sure to keep the attention of her significant other whether printed in a calendar, book or framed print on the wall. Or you can just celebrate and embrace yourself and your beauty and strength by doing the shoot for you! Either way,make yourself unforgettable with a sexy boudoir shoot today!

Full Throttle!

The Fall season is slowly approaching and soon it may be getting chilly outside, but our sexy traveler is hotter than ever and ready to race! It is the perfect time to book a Pin-Up photography shoot and show off your sexy side. We can turn your photos into a hot calendar or book and it will make the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life. They won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Sexy Confidence!

It’s easy to get caught up in life and we get stuck going through life instead of LIVING life! Think about the scary things you’ve always thought about doing and then find the courage to do them! Celebrate the ones you love and celebrate yourself and your inner and outer beauty! Perhaps plan on doing something for yourself like a boudoir photo shoot. You can have an opportunity to try something that might have seemed scary, but your strength and beauty will shine through. Celebrate yourself and your loved ones and the beauty you add to the world.

Sexy stripper pole boudoir set at Phoenix photographer Orcatek

Confident and Classy…

Being brave sometimes requires us to embrace doing things that are a bit scary! What could be a bigger confidence builder than picking out some of your most beautiful and sexy lingerie and doing a Boudoir photo shoot? Embrace yourself and your sexiness and do something that scares you and takes you out of your comfort zone. We have experience shooting all size and shapes of women and helping bring out the inner confidence and sexiness in each shoot. Every woman should embrace and celebrate their inner beauty and sexiness!

Lingerie tasteful boudoir phoenix

Playfull and Sexy…

Fun and games! This cute, classy and slightly innocent boudoir shot invites you to look, but at the same time is playful and shouts “don’t peek”! Your boudoir photo shoot can include multiple looks from the playful to sexy and even fine art black and white nude. This wide variety of looks will capture all your sexiness and playfulness and the photos will make you unforgettable!


Throwing A Pass!

The heat of summer is still hanging around, but fall is just around the corner and pre-season football is underway! Time to embrace your team spirit! Why not show your significant other just how sexy you are and that you want to be team captain! We can create an entire calendar or book with your sexy team photos, or we can create a poster to hang up and make you simply unforgettable! Make yourself memorable and embrace your sexy confidence by treating yourself to fun, playful boudoir photo shoot!

Jersey can be sexy in boudoir