Sexy Sports!

The heat of summer is still hanging around, but fall is just around the corner and pre-season football would normally be underway and it would be time to embrace your team spirit! Why not show your significant other just how sexy you are and that you want to be team captain! We can create an entire calendar or book with your sexy team photos, or we can create a poster to hang up and make you simply unforgettable! Make yourself memorable and embrace your sexy confidence by treating yourself to fun, playful boudoir photo shoot!

Sexy Pin-Up Fun!

Do something fun for yourself and schedule a Pin-Up photo shoot! Celebrate yourself and treat yourself to a fun, playful Pin-Up shoot. We can shoot a few fun and different sexy looks and then put your photos together into a fun and playful calendar with a different look for each of the twelve months. We can also put together a book for you with all of your looks or several prints for you to frame and share with a special someone you have your eyes on!

Sexy Shadows!

When it comes to your Boudoir photo shoot, simple and subtle changes can be incredibly sexy! This darker background shot uses shadows and creative lighting to highlight the beauty and sexiness of this radiant woman. She is still slightly covered with shadows, but leaves the viewer wanting more…which is definitely the point, especially if you’ll be sharing these photos with a significant other.

Lingerie in Bentley Sexy Boudoir Photographer

Invitingly Sexy!

A really sexy boudoir photo should have the ability to stop you in your tracks and draw the viewer in. This sexy woman has accomplished this and shows that you can look sexy anywhere. Her sexy look and smile is inviting the viewer in as if she were just waiting to invite you to come and play! Whether you are thinking of doing a boudoir shoot for yourself to celebrate the confident, sexy woman you are or are doing it for a significant other, it will be a great experience that will bring out your confidence and show you that you can do anything!

Sexy Smile Boudoir

Slices of Sexy!

Sometimes what’s sexy is keeping things simple! When it comes to your Boudoir photo shoot, simple is not only better sometimes, but incredibly appealing! This collage combines two sexy color shots with a dramatic black and white. The black and white shot uses shadows and creative lighting to highlight the beauty and sexiness of this radiant woman. She is still slightly covered, but leaves the viewer wanting more…which is definitely the point!  This is a perfect combination to display all your sexiness together in one photo, and will definitely get the attention of that special someone you have your eyes on!

Sexy Time!

It’s hard to beat the summer heat, so what is a girl to do besides wear as little as possible around the house to stay cool! There are so many choices when it comes to your Boudoir Photo Shoot, so why not be creative and have a little fun? Not only is this shot playful and sexy, but it is also casual and inviting. It is a fun, sexy shot to have for your collection, or it is sure to create some excitement if you should happen to send it to your significant other to let them know what is waiting for them when they get home!

Stephanie is sexy in the darkness on a black sheet by Phoenix boudoir photographer, Orcatek

Sexy Splash!

What is a girl to do? It’s summer and the desert is scorching hot and summer heat all over the country requires drastic measures to keep cool! Regardless of what you’re wearing, it’s always imperative that you add water to cool yourself off! An added bonus to cooling off is that you look sexy in the process!  The allure of getting to see some sexy parts while leaving others to the imagination is just the right balance to draw you in. Beat the heat and have some fun with a Boudoir Photo Shoot! You can embrace your sexy side and celebrate your inner strength and confidence!

Wet sexy bridal lingerie boudoir

Striptease Play!

When considering styles to choose from when planning your Boudoir Photo Shoot, it might be fun to take a couple of shots on more of the wild, sexy side. We can create a background that will appear a little risky especially with you in your favorite sexy lingerie! What could be more naughty than a sexy woman in lingerie dancing like a striptease act? This boudoir shot creates a hint of danger with a whole lot of sexy! This shoot would also allow you to share your sexy photos with that special someone in your life!

Canyon Coolness

In this time of needing a little space, the coolness of nature in the spring is the perfect time to explore the canyons and the outdoors. The full summer heat will soon upon us and what a better way to show off your sexy body than a shot of you on a beautiful canyon floor. This is a sexy way to incorporate the desert into your Boudoir Photo Shoot. Lingerie in the canyon accentuates your sexy curves up against those found in nature.

Lingerie in Canyon

Sexy Time!

Love is in the air! A fun and playful idea to celebrate your love is to book a couples Boudoir Photo Shoot!!! Not only will you have some beautiful and sexy photos of you two that will last a lifetime, but you will definitely have a fun time during the shoot being playful and sexy together. It is a bonding experience for the both of you and will be an incredibly fun time that you wont forget!