Mar 9 2012

Bath Time

What’s more fun than a sexy bathtub for a boudoir photo. That’s why I have a classic bathtub in my Phoenix boudoir studio. Careful posing and use of bubbles keep it the photo tastefully sexy.

Julia takes a bath in this sexy boudoir photo

Sexy boudoir bathtub

Of course we have lots of other sets available to make sure we create the prefect look for your photos.

Jul 5 2011

Sexiest Curve on a Woman

What is the sexiest curve on a woman?   There are men who like legs, buns, busts and even feet.  But the sexiest curve on a woman is none of these.  It is critical that we see it in some of the the boudoir photos we take, or we know that it will miss it’s mark.

Sexy Smile Boudoir

Sexiest Curve

It is her smile.  That smile tells us so much and can make a man’s heart melt.  Sure the sexy pout has its place, but a smile will bring us in.  This is part of the reason that classic pin-up still is popular today as it so often features that flirty smile.

When a woman smiles and gets that sparkle in her eyes, there is no way that a man can resist.  When she sees a man who she is interested in, she flashes a smile.  When she thinks about the man she loves, she smiles.

And that is why we make sure that at least some of the boudoir photos from your session will feature your sexiest curve, your smile.

Jun 21 2011

Boudoir for First Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is paper.   So the perfect gift might just be boudoir photographs – after all, they are printed on paper.  Imagine the look on his face when he unwraps this present.

Some tasteful, sexy yet intimate photos are the perfect way to let him know that you are glad you’re married to him.   Maybe you’ll create a calendar so he can spend the next year enjoying your gift (we can start a calendar on any month), or maybe it will be a private photo book just for him.

Retro style boudoir photograph

Paper Anniversary Gift - Boudoir Photos

Whatever you choose, it will be a first wedding anniversary gift he will remember for a very long time.   So bring him into your boudoir and make it a special memory.


Apr 11 2011


I am always looking for a new look in my boudoir photography.   This look is one that I like to call the “Superstar” look. It creates a sexy and powerful look.  As you can see in this bridal boudoir look, the white lingerie with the stage lighting make her look amazing.

Boudoir Superstar in white lingerie

Boudoir Superstar in white lingerie

When you look at this photo you see sexy and powerful woman.  This is a style that men love the woman they love create as it is one of the many classic fantasies.

A typical bridal boudoir photography session will range for the soft, intimate and subtlety sexy to a more powerful glamorous superstar look.  As your photographer I find creating a wide variety of looks key to creating the perfect boudoir collection.

Apr 1 2011

Less is more

When creating boudoir photos I often go by the less is more.  The photos are not about the props, the photos are about making you look sexy.  You are the star of the photograph, and props can become a distraction.

Stephanie sitting in the darkness wearing sexy red lingerie by Phoenix Boudoir Photographer Orcatek

Less is more boudoir photography

This photo is a perfect example of what I mean.  There is no need to see any more than the corner of the bed in this photography.  The rest of the room would just detract from her.  This is why I keep the sets simple at my studio.  Just enough to create the scene.

Even when I shoot on location I will work to reduce the visibility of the background in many of the images to keep the focus on your beauty.

Great boudoir is about you, and my job as your photographer is to bring out your sexy side in your photographs, in studio or on location.

Feb 18 2011

Lights and Shadows

When I shoot boudoir photographs I often like to work with the shadows and light to create a mood.

Stephanie is sexy in the darkness on a black sheet by Phoenix boudoir photographer, Orcatek

By keeping parts of the photograph dark it makes the moment in the photo feel more private and intimate.   That is how I like to view boudoir photos, as a private and intimate  photo which brings out the sexy side of the woman.

Feb 8 2011

Ask and you receive, Stripper Pole

Over the past few months we have had more and more clients mention that they would like to use a stripper pole for part of their boudoir photography sessions.   So after some research we found a solution that would allow us to provide this new set and create classy boudoir photographs.

Sexy stripper pole boudoir set at Phoenix photographer Orcatek

Of course the key for us was to have it be more than just a pole in a room.  We had to create the mood of actually being in a club.  We think it works.

Jan 28 2011

Surprise Pin-up Photographs

Sometimes a photo shoot has a change in plans.  As a photographer I need to be ready to adapt to whatever happens.   From bad weather to equipment problems, there are always surprises.

This week on of the pleasant surprise is when Amber came into the studio to shoot.  She was showing me her lingerie and said that the one outfit was very retro.  My eye immediately saw pin-up for the outfit and asked her if she would like to do some classic pin-up with it.

Amber jumped at the chance.  She hadn’t even considered doing any pin-up photography for her shoot before, but now she was excited by the idea.

Retro lingerie creates perfect pin-up for amber by Phoenix photographer, Orcatek.

She loved the final shot and everyone she showed it to told her it was one of their favorites.

Jan 19 2011

Valentines Day is approaching

With the approach of Valentines day I am being kept busy with boudoir photography.  After all, it does make a great gift for Valentines day.

Sexy intimate boudoir photo for valentines day by  boudoir photographer, Orcatek in Phoenix, Arizona.

Still getting a lot of maternity clients too.  It seems pregnancy photos are hot this time of year.

And I have also a few of my maternity clients returning to get photos of their newborn babies.

It has been a great week to be a photographer, as I have had some amazing clients.

Jan 13 2011

Just starting to catch up

The holidays were very busy and I finally have managed to get caught up and take some time to update my blog.  I’ve gotten a lot of messages from client s telling me how much their loved ones all loved the photographs.

This week I did get a chance to create some boudoir photographs.   I decided to end the shoot with some shoots using water.   Water can help to create a very sexy look.   As I think you will see in this sample from the shoot.

Jenni Lee wearing a wet shirt by Boudoir photographer Orcatek in Phoenix

It is already time to start thinking about getting your Valentines Day boudoir images shot.  So I will be getting busy again.